Erwin Michielsen, was born on June 28, 1959 in Weert.  After finishing secondary school he obtained the highest level in floral art (master training in Vught). This was followed by the teacher training at at the higher agricultural school in ‘s Hertogenbosch.

Erwin worked for 20 years at the Helicon Training in Vught, where he taught the history of art and foral art. His passion for art has grown constantly.

In 1995 he opened a gallery with floral arrangements LB, glass design and mixed media (combination of painting and organic materials).He did this together with his life partner  Ger Hoebers.

In the year 2000, They open a new concept: “Théâtre Floral”,. Michielsen and Hoebers have been doing performances involving flower arrangements and theatre for more than 10 years.  Everything in  the shows is about the preception of forms of art.

 Not only as a self-taught artist but also after the successful completion of the Academy of Fine Arts of Belgium Michielsen expresses himself in the two-dimensional sphere. Colorful paintings full of emotion refer to his past. Theatrical compositions with a unique vision and emotion have been an important aspect of his work since 2000.